Crypto Industry Challenges and How They Can be Tackled

10 min readJan 20, 2022


Five challenges to crypto industry today and how Freya Family solutions can address them.

- Imaginary anonymity. Majority of crypto users, even very experienced ones believe that digital assets provide complete anonymity. This is not quite true. Technically anyone can track operation on a specific wallet though not knowing who it belongs to. However, if is enough just to compare IP address and the wallet number in order to de-anonymize the entire history of operations and easily restore its entire history. This is for example is what Chainalysis service does.

- Difficulty of use. Let's be realistic: it is very difficult for an ordinary person to use cryptocurrencies. A new user needs to register (or download) at least one wallet (usually more), get registered on the exchange. Furthermore, in most cases identity verification is needed to be able to buy cryptocurrency for fiat funds. A new user should be able to buy or sell cryptocurrency in two clicks.

In addition to complex manipulations with creating new accounts and wallets, one must understand what addresses are, how to transfer, where to click, etc. Nothing simple about it, isn’t it?

- No readymade solutions for business. Large companies are not willing to bother with the implementation of blockchain in their business, they need a readymade solution which they can simply purchase and attach to their platforms in two clicks. Therefore even the newest blockchains such as Polkadot or Solana are only protocol-level platforms that are not yet suitable for corporations.

- Lack of multifunctionality. Every crypto user has thought at least once: When will they finally create an application that will contain everything starting from a crypto wallet and exchange up to the ability to use a regular browser and search engine while remaining completely anonymous. There is no such.

Legal status of cryptocurrencies. In most countries, regulation of cryptocurrencies is in limbo: some countries prohibit, some countries stimulate while others still don’t take digital assets as currency unit. And the future is quite unpredictable for any company working in the crypto industry.

Freya family

With the help of universal tools, Freya Family ecosystem aims to solve all of the above problems and will include:

- VPN service for secure and anonymous Internet access from anywhere in the world. It is now available for use on both mobile phones and computers.

- DoH service which increases anonymity of the Internet connection by encrypting DNS requests.

- Freya Blockchain is a phantom multi blockchain on which all ecosystem services will operate.

- Freya Wallet. A non-custodial wallet for mobile devices and PCs that will allow you to safely send, receive and store tokens and coins running on different blockchains.

- Freya Messenger. Anonymous messenger running on its own blockchain.

- Lightweight OS of its own for all kinds of devices which will ensure multifunctionality to its users with minimum load on the device.

- DEX exchange and decentralized anonymous bridge between blockchains.

- Secure web3.

- Freya Digital Currency. The ecosystem’s universal native technical multi-digital asset. It’s currently implemented on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

- Universal Freya APP. At the final stage of development all available services will be accessible through one application.

Freya VPN

Freya VPN is a virtual private network that protects personal data from leaks encrypting and hiding traffic from the provider and, accordingly, from the state. Furthermore, your real location will be impossible to track by the sites that you visit. Freya VPN can be installed and used on all modern devices running Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix.

Below are the advantages of Freya VPN app:

  • Ability to connect to a large number of VPN servers around the world that ground traffic in the required country which is very important for gaining access to local services. It also allows you to gain access to resources and services access to which is limited due to various political reasons. Last but not least, it allows you to conceal your real location by preventing using your IP address for tracking.
  • No logging of user connections which guarantees absolute privacy.
  • Applications for all operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, * nix will allow you to use the VPN service on all available computers, phones and even TVs.
  • Built-in CyberSec security system increases security level of your connection and protects you from suspicious traffic, various kinds of threats and cyber attacks such as phishing.
  • Split tunneling function allows you to create a VPN tunnel only for traffic from certain applications of your choice.
  • Kill Switch function blocks Internet access without VPN. This is very important if you want your device NOT to connect to the Internet without establishing a secure connection to the VPN server.
  • Auto-Connect feature allows you to enable VPN when the device boots.
  • Free access to the basic set of functions allows you to evaluate the usability of the service before purchasing access to advanced functionality.
  • Convenient payment methods and discounts when subscribing.
  • Referral program enables you to receive a free subscription to the advanced functionality of the application and help your friends to be more secure.

DoH service

Another popular product of the company is the DoH service, which protects DNS requests from being intercepted by hackers and prevents the ISP and intelligence agencies from storing the history of your actions on the Internet. It also increases your safety in today’s environment.

In addition, Freya offers services for the development of custom solutions in the field of network security and their implementation into the customer’s existing systems.

Freya blockchain

Freya Blockchain is a phantom blockchain consortium which will be a basis for operation of absolutely all Freya Family services.

Freya Blockchain has no ambitions to “kill” Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency; we just want it to exist along with other top blockchains and help users to implement any digital transactions securely and anonymously.

Key advantages:

- Blockchain consortium. Blockchains of this type combine elements of public and private networks making it possible to use them both as ordinary decentralized networks (Ethereum) and to introduce technology into the world’s fiat products.

The rules of such a system are very flexible as the blockchain is most efficient when several organizations operate in the same industry and need a common basis for conducting transactions or exchanging information.

- Phantom blockchain. Only the recipient and the sender can see a specific transaction. No technical details yet.

- Decentralization. A pool of validators will be formed to verify user transactions on the network as well as to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation of the blockchain by confirming transactions and producing new blocks. Each validator must ensure that the node is always active; otherwise, validators will receive serious penalties.

- Minimum or zero commissions. The transaction fees will be approximately at the level of the Solana blockchain where you need to pay a small fraction of a cent for 1 regular transfer. For certain types of transactions as well as for users (addresses) contributing to the development or project development there will be zero commissions.

- Cross-chain bridges. At the moment there are already a large number of bridges for different types of blockchains, which allows users to apply combined DeFi financing methods between different networks. However, using bridges between blockchains requires both developers and users to have a lot of patience and good technical skills.

Freya Blockchain will enable you in two clicks and without any technical skills to make fast and secure transfers between networks. First of all it is planned to connect Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Minter, Avalanche, Polygon, Terra, Tron and Cardano. The order and candidates for connections will be negotiated with the community and validators individually (most probably by using a decentralized voting method).

In any case, any user will be able to transfer his/her assets between blockchains very quickly, anonymously and at minimal cost.

- Built-in DEX-exchanger. As in every modern blockchain, Freya Blockchain will have its own decentralized trading platform, where only the user can manage his/her assets. So far, no innovative perks are provided but a standard DEX with the basic functions of Pancakeswap or Uniswap.

Freya Digital Currency

Freya Digital Currency (Freya) is a native digital asset of the Freya Family ecosystem.

The maximum issue will be 1,000,000,000 Freya.

The first 200,000,000 tokens will be issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, which will automate ICOs, IDOs and simplify distribution of tokens for marketing purposes.

At most 25,000,000 Freya will be allocated from the initial issue for private and public sales. Another 10 000 000 Freya will be spent on marketing and brand promotion.

Remaining 800,000,000 Freya:

- Depending on the tasks, trends and interest of the community, a different number of tokens will be issued on the blockchains Solana, Polkadot, Minter, Avalanche, Polygon, Terra, Tron, Cardano and others where decentralized liquidity pools will be formed.

- About a half of the emission will be mined as a native coin on the Freya Blockchain network.

It is worth noting that Freya Blockchain will act as a bridge to smoothly transfer Freya token / coin to different blockchains in order to perform various tasks. And most importantly, it will be cheap and fast.

What Freya Digital Currency (Freya) is for:

- Marketing. In addition to standard advertising, Freya Family will use its own digital asset as an advertising and loyalty tool. In many poor countries, people cannot afford to buy cryptocurrency, so it would be logical to give them such a chance — for fairly easy tasks and advertising of ecosystem products, everyone can get some tokens, which they can sell or stake and receive interest for it.

It is also planned to hold Selfdrop and Bounty in different formats.

- Payment for services. Totalitarian regimes keep prospering worldwide and their number increases. Swift, Visa, Mastercard are massively disabled in some of these countries. In view of such developments, the blockchain can be an ideal tool for payment of various services from almost any part of the world.

In other words: Freya Digital Currency (Freya) can be used not only for purchase of Freya Family ecosystem services but goods and services of our potential partners with whom negotiations are underway.

- Anonymous and secure transfers worldwide. Freya Digital Currency (Freya) is offering real anonymity to its users. Many people believe that Bitcoin is anonymous. No. If so desired, almost any translation can be tracked and even matched with a real person.

Such services as Chainalysis have a huge staff, powerful AI computers and multi-million dollar contracts with major companies and states. They know how to match relevant algorithms and track any individual / group of people.

Freya does not plan to become a darknet tool. Our developers are willing to provide each user with real money to perform completely anonymous operations without fearing to be prosecuted by security forces or being fined.

- dPoS mining and staking. It’s almost impossible to imagine the modern crypto world without this- dPoS mining and staking. PoW uses older and slower projects so the future belongs to PoS and its newer subtypes. And don’t forget DeFi sphere which can be used to add your tokens to liquidity pools and make money on it. All this will be possible with Freya Digital Currency (Freya).

- Secret use cases, which will be discussed after the release of some products.

Freya wallet

It is not quite safe to store all your digital assets on an exchange account because a user’s account, even on the most advanced exchange can be hacked or blocked. Furthermore don’t forget about a risk of bankruptcy or hacking of the trading platform (hello Livecoin). Therefore, keeping assets on your own wallet with the user’s exclusive access is the most optimal solution.

Freya Wallet is a multicurrency non-custodian crypto wallet that will support all top (and not onlybut not limited to) blockchains, and will also allow the user to use the wallet from anywhere in the world even if a local jurisdiction blocks all crypto services.

When creating a wallet, developers first of all look up to the long-term industry leader — Trust Wallet. Freya Wallet is going to have similar functionality but it will be easier and more optimized for different devices.

The first version of Freya Wallet is going to have all basic functions of any multi-currency wallet but the highlight is a built-in VPN, which will be launched simultaneously with the application download allowing the users not to worry about security or personal data leakage.

The phantom blockchain Freya Blockchain will be the “hard core” of the next version of the wallet. It will provide users with many unique “chips” that are not yet on the market yet: complete anonymity of transactions and the number of stored assets, a built-in multi-chain DEX bridge, as well as several other secret novelties (details to be communicated at a later stage of development).

Freya messenger

Almost all current instant messengers are either centralized or built on the basis of P2P technology; in both cases the data can be intercepted. When using a centralized system, fraudsters only need to hack the central server; and with a P2P scheme, it’s enough just to compromise a certain user. The code (information database about all correspondence) of all “pop” messengers is fully or partially closed. And don’t forget that at any request from the authorities (or other influential parties), such messenger as WhatsApp will gladly leak its users information.

Blockchain will easily save the users from such problems. Freya Messenger will store all messages on the blockchain: as a result, information is not stored on the device and the blockchain nodes store encrypted messages in the public domain. The last stage of protection is encryption, which makes it impossible to gain access to the contents of the correspondence. Messages can only be seen by the recipient and the sender, because this is how Freya Blockchain works.

The development team respects Durov and Ko very much and in no way plans to become a Telegram killer. Freya Messenger is for those who really value anonymity.

Universal Freya APP

Universal Freya APP is a universal anonymous application that has no analogues at the moment. In simple terms: Freya Wallet, Freya Messenger, Freya VPN and ecosystem’s other products will be in a same universal application powered by Freya Blockchain. Technical details will only be available prior to version 1.0 release.