Clumsy and centralized vs clear and decentralized — what would you choose?

1 min readFeb 12


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This week everyone was shocked by the information that “cheap and fast Tron” (yes, it’s clumsy, and centralized) updated the blockchain, after which the standard network fees increased several times — for example, the withdrawal of USDT in the TRC20 network on Binance rose to $2.6 instead of the usual $1. Other exchanges have also begun to raise fees…this is a network upgrade, not a whim of the exchanges, right?

It would seem that everything is logical, but here’s a surprise — Binance quickly canceled the increase and returned the previous commission for withdrawing TRC20 coins, miraculously, the commission was simply turned off for the Binance hot wallet in the Tron network — example ).

How come? Where the fuck are the same rules for everyone and a decentralized blockchain? But CZ and Justin “Scam” Sun immediately launched fireworks saying they had fixed everything.

If you can manually change the commission for the Binance hot wallet🍌, then of course they can do whatever they want: block wallets, freeze tokens, add commissions… well, in short, you get the idea.

Use clear and more or less decentralized blockchains and do not forget about your own security, for this, in 100% of cases, use a VPN and keep your money only on non-custodial wallets. This will make life easier. Believe me.